X-MEN Dark Phoenix
Thierry doizon darkphoenix bt skrullshipinterior02

Interior of a Skrull spaceship...

Thierry doizon darkphoenix bt skrullshipinterior03
Thierry doizon darkphoenix bt skrullshipinterior00
Thierry doizon darkphoenix bt skrullshipinterior01

Early research sketches...

In the Fall of 2017, I had the opportunity to work only a few days for X-MEN Dark Phoenix (codename Teen Spirit at the time) while the film was being shot and the art department was already gone. Both the production designer Claude Paré and the director wanted to potentially add an improvised sequence. I was asked to design the interior of the "Skrull" spaceships during Phoenix space encounter with the solar flare. Although the sequence never made it into the film, it was a fun project. A big MERCI to Michèle Laliberté for her support :)
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